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Dental Implants
vs. Dentures

No More Loose Dentures

Many patients who initially opted for removable dentures have switched to dental implants with positive results. Implants feel and respond like natural teeth, allowing for more natural eating and eliminating embarrassing moments when dentures may have slipped or clicked.

Comparing the Benefits of Dental Implants vs Dentures

While there are many tooth replacement options available, they are generally variations. If you are missing teeth and cannot decide between prosthetics or dental implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen Huang. There are numerous benefits for our patients when compared with dentures, including:

  • Implants offer a stable, permanent replacement.
  • Implants are made of superior materials.
  • Implants preserve bone health.
  • Implants improve your quality of life.
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Dr. Huang Explains Dental Implants

The Advantages of
Stability and Permanence

They offer a secure, permanent replacement, which are temporary and held in place with adhesives. Many find the adhesives to be inefficient, resulting in shifting and sliding of dentures when talking or eating.

Superior Materials

The materials are made of medical grade titanium, a substance that is able to bond with human bone. Dentures, oppositely, are made of plastic, cast metal, and acrylic.

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Implant dentistry provides you with a permanent, brilliant smile.

Bone Health

The post of the implant functions as a tooth root would, holding the crown of your implant in place and stimulating the jaw bone. This stimulation is critical to bone health, as the absence of a tooth root will begin a process of deterioration that slowly robs you of your bone density. They halt the degradation, preserving the bone you have. Dentures, however, simply rest on the gums and will not maintain bone health. In fact, long term denture wearers will experience changes in the shape of the bone as it deteriorates that will require refitting of dentures.

Improved Quality of Life

The confidence that comes from a beautiful smile cannot be underestimated. Knowing that you can eat, talk, and laugh without worrying about your tooth replacement will restore your enjoyment of social activities. Also, they do not require the same food restrictions that prosthetics do. You can eat all of your favorite foods again and never worry about needing to remove your teeth.

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