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Roxanne Lee  5 months ago-
I was referred by my dentist to this practice and Dr. Wang to do a frenectomy. I was quite nervous about the process, but the dentist explained well what he would do, the expectations in regards to healing and his accessibility via phone if I have any questions.
Their staff is friendly, great customer service and positive attitude.
During the healing process, I was told that it would hurt 5/10 with ibuprofen and 3/10 using Norco. I had no pain what so ever. I was quite pleased with it.
I would recommend this place to everyone.

Luiz M  5 months ago-
My mom was well taken care of and the staff answered all her questions and even gave her a great price on all of services, she said she would recommend this place to anyone

P E Kite  10 months ago-
Wonderful appointment with Laura today. I learned a number of teeth maintenance tips that I did not know of. I am very pleased that I was referred to Significance Dental Specialists. Staff very friendly and helpful and have never had to wait for appointment scheduled.

Julie Parker  10 months ago-
I love significance dental! I have been treated so well by Dr. Huang and all his employees, I’ve had an implant done, I am so very happy with the results, and thankful for such a kind group of people to get me through this transition

Ragen Johnson  1 year ago-
I received a referral at 8:40am from my dentist to Significance Dental Specialist and got an appointment at 9:00am the same day; after the Doctor saw me, I was able to have surgery the following day. The staff, Dr. Huang, and Laura – who did my procedure – were exceptional. They took care of me, there was no waiting (I was in and out in one hour!), and I was in no pain.
I highly recommend Significance Dental Specialist.
**As a teacher, they took my dental insurance. **

Sheri Graham  1 year ago-
Had amazingly good time getting teeth cleaned! Chatting and laughing was a great distraction technique. Most important was the encouragement to keep fighting to win this dental battle. You get so much negative talk in this profession about how bad everything looks, I ended up wanting to give up. But now after dealing with the office staff here I feel like I am in control with options.

Gwyn Niles  1 year ago-
We absolutely loved this office. They were so great with my 12 year old. We would definitely recommend them.

Jen Floyd  1 year ago-
Extremely thrilled with this office! Dr. Huang did the most amazing work on my gums and his staff is wonderful. I highly recommend this office to anyone with any dental needs!

Lucas Lopez  1 year ago-
Yo muy contento muy satisfecho un trato super amable la doctora exelente trabajo!

Ginger Shaffer  1 years ago-
Dr. Huang has been my periodontist for many years. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a periodontist. We just completed the Pinhole Technique with outstanding results it brought up my gum line to where it looks normal and healthy it’s fabulous. In addition, I have my teeth cleaned every 6 months, and the staff are very professional and thorough. I would highly recommend Dr. Huang.

Thien Vy  1 year ago-
Haven’t been to the dentist in years. The staff at Significance was very helpful in fixing my inflamed gums. Thank you!

Norma Aleman  1 month ago-
Doctor Jeff was incredible. My surgery went well he made me feel comfortable through out the whole process. I did not have any pain and was very pleased with the work. This office is awesome and would recommend.

Elba Drawyer  5 months ago-
I love coming to Dr. Huang office. His staff it’s very friendly and make you feel at home. Laura his technician was very kind and gentle performing her duties. She knew exactly what I needed and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this office to everybody that have any dental issues. Thank you for a job well done!!

Kim Yang  8 months ago-
Dr. Wang is a wonderful periodontist doctor. Veronica, the Financial Specialist, is amazing. I do not, generally, like dentists but this place is the best. I highly recommend this dental facility. They have done a lot of dental work on me and it couldn’t have been smoother. They explain everything beforehand and are honest and knowledgeable at their positions and occupations. I highly recommend them!

Geraldine Crisci  9 months ago-
Staff welcomes you when you come for every appointment. Doctor and hygienists are very thorough, caring, and knowledgeable. Complimentary advice on my home care encourages me to continue the protocol recommended for me.

Sandra Magnotta  10 months ago-
Greatest dentist I have ever seen in Vegas. He really cares about his patients. Gentle and gets excellent results…