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Gerald L. Foreman A week ago-
Dr Jeff Wang is a very professional and caring provider. Services are priced fairly he listens well and spends adequate time to explain things. The nice front office staff is very nice and dental assistant too. Created a plan for my care and i look forward to my first perio cleaning.

Johnie Wood 2 months ago-
Significance Dental is phenomenal. I’ve been avoiding dental work due to anxiety and lack of insurance. Finally getting up the courage to come in here was the best decision I’ve made. Everyone was incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for any perio needs.

John Skilbred 2 months ago-
Dr. Wang and staff were great. They were very understanding when 2 hospitalization caused me to reschedule and were unfazed by x-rays from my referring dentist were incomplete. Kind, knowledgeable and ultimately Dr. Wang explained his findings and offered 2 treatment options to make sure I could make a decision that I was comfortable about. My choice was to continue treat with him to resolve the problem for which my dentist referred me to him. I guess that would make him an expert to dentist in whom I have a great deal of faith as well.

Lize Pan 2 months ago-
Wonderful office. The front staff is extra helpful and so nice. Dr Jeff is a wonderful doctor and answered my questions. I don’t like going to dentist but this was a totally different experience.

Joy Hollander 6 months ago-
I cannot say enough great things about this office and this periodontist!! From the first phone call to schedules my appointment, I knew I was in great hands! Everyone treats you as if they’ve known you forever! Dr. Wang was absolutely fantastic! Kind, gentle, and most of all, extremely patient and knowledgeable! I can’t believe I’m writing this but…I cannot wait to return!

Deborah Cooper 7 months ago-
Dr Jeff Wang is FANTASTIC!!! I had to have some gum grafting surgery done and Dr. Jeff explained everything fully! NO surprises and he was straight forward. I don’t even remember the surgery. I am 2 months in and the results are better than what I expected. You can’t go wrong here!!!! They are the BEST!

Shawn Barnes 8 months ago-
I HATED DENTISTS! I’m thrilled to say I don’t anymore, my opinion has been swayed by the warm welcome and personal attention that Dr. Vinne Chen and Dr. Jeff Wang paid to my case, as well as their kind and benevolent assisting staff.
I was experiencing extreme pain from a tooth under my bridge. The rapid isolation and diagnosis, by Dr. Wang and Dr. Chen lead to the quickest most pain free root canal I have ever experienced! (… and I’ve had 6) I was particularly impressed with how well Dr. Chen and her assistant worked together in flawless motions that wasted no time in getting me out of “the chair”. Also, while signing in, I had an issue with my primary dental insurance provider that was quickly handled by their insurance expert in the front office.
I want to thank everyone at Significance for rekindling my hope in the dental community. If anyone needs or is looking for endo or ortho work, please look no further than Significance. I will be back for implants after coordinating a treatment plan with my dentist.
The office that I visited was the on next to the Mountain View hospital near Cheyenne and Tenaya

Terry Prucha 1 year ago-
I’ve been coming to see Dr. Jeff Wang and Andi twice a year for several years now. They have done a fantastic job keeping my very stubborn gum disease under control. They are both very friendly and very professional. This is one dental office I don’t mind going to. I highly recommend Significance Dental Specialists.

Dan Frownfelter 1 year ago-
My experience with this office has been exceptional. I was referred to them by Allay Dental for an implant. Significance’s staff has been welcoming, responsive and communicative at every visit over the past year. I highly recommend them.

Mady Shapiro 1 year ago-
I have been going to Dr. Jeff Wang at the Cascade Valley office for four years. Dr. Jeff did periodontal surgery and an implant. His skills and those of his hygienist, Andi, are amazing. I recommend this practice to anyone who needs highly skilled professional dental care.

Jessica Rojas 1 year ago-
Dr Jeffery Wang and his staff are excellent, I would highly recommend them. They take excellent care and are very knowledge and attentive. The dental hygienistandi is great, she very gentle and efficient and very personable. They take great of my smile and very grateful

Erin Cruz 1 year ago-
The staff is friendly and helpful. I had to get a surgical cleaning done and Dr. Wang made sure I knew what was going to happen, what it would be like afterwards, and the level of potential discomfort. It went well and about a day or two later he called to check how everything was going.

Cindy Frias 2 years ago-
3 visits so far and I already feel super confident about my smile and my oral health. The staff in this office are super nice. Another detail about this office that you rarely hear in most offices is the education they give about oral health before and after treatment. Awesome Dentist office.

charles murphy 1year ago-
I was referred to Dr. Wang by another dentist because I am challenging– in the chair and out of the chair. I will spare you the details, but as a “Type A New Yorker” who seeks answers not BS mumbo I expect people to know their job and to do it correctly. I fired three previous dentists the past 7 months because they just babbled about my day, the weather and assorted nonsense without listening to me. The first thing Doctor Wang said to me was ” So tell me….what is going on and what do you think”?Long story short, at the end of his evaluation he said to me ” I AGREE WITH YOU”! Wasn’t that refreshing…….a straight shooter who listened and concluded what I have been telling his predecessors all along! This guy needs to be cloned! His team is pleasant, fair, direct; why can’t everyone be that way?? You are nuts if you don’t try him—don’t waste your time elsewhere like I did for 7 months! Go see Dr. Wang and his team!! btw—-THIS IS NOT A JOKE; I AM, AND IT IS……. REAL/TRUE!!! CFM

Tami Jo Dukie 3 years ago-
Dr. Jeff Wang really and truly impressed me with his knowledge and gentle demeanor. Absolutely set my mind at ease with his skill and obvious knowledge. Thank you for the great experience!